COVID-19 Plan

When the original Methodist societies began to meet back in the 1700’s they had no buildings and no COVID-19. But they did have three simple rules to live by. Today, as we try to faithfully respond to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, we seek to balance the challenge of those three simple rules expressed today as:

1) Do no harm.
2) Do good.
3) Stay in love with God.

To do so, we pattern our response based on the guidelines issued by the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, our insurance company and the MN Department of Health. As each church situation is unique–and as the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing–we will adapt as needed to protect our community and carry out our mission for Christ. Below are some specifics as they relate to Resurrection UMC.


Currently, only groups of 20 or less are encouraged to meet in-person. Such gatherings are required to maintain social distancing. Groups are still encouraged to gather online or outdoors instead, if possible; however, the building will be available for meetings if necessary with the following conditions:

  • Group leaders will be responsible for sanitizing surfaces in their meeting area when they are finished using the cleaning supplies and instructions supplied in each room.
  • Seating in each room will be limited and designated to maintain a 6-foot social distance. Face masks are required for all persons age 5+. Please take this into account when considering which room to schedule.
  • These conditions apply to any group wishing to use the building. Contact Dan Kocher at the church office to schedule when needed (Note: multiple groups will not be scheduled to use the building at the same time.)


We have resumed gathering in the sanctuary for worship with some new protocols implemented to minimize the risk of spreading the virus. Separation and sanitation are crucial. Below are the changes, which may be modified:

  • We will continue putting our Sunday services online live at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. so that those who are at higher risk
and those who are not yet comfortable with larger gatherings can still participate in our worship together.
  • Sanctuary seating for worship services, weddings and funerals will not exceed 50% capacity.
  • All persons age 5+ are required to wear face masks in the building.
  • Seating arrangements have been designed to maximize safe social distancing.
  • Common surfaces are sanitized after each service (door handles, restrooms, countertops, etc.)
  • All parts of the service that involve multiple people touching objects have been modified or eliminated, e.g. offerings may be placed in a free-standing container instead of in passed offering plates; there will be no handshakes; communion has been modified; folders will not be passed, etc.
  • To avoid crowds in hallways, the lobby and at doorways, there will be no coffee fellowship time. The coffee shop will remain closed and persons will be encouraged to leave the building immediately after worship and hold any conversations in the safer outdoors environment.
  • Initially, there will be no nursery or Sunday school. Those with children are asked to have their children attend with them in worship.
  • Live music with musicians is conducted safely distanced from the congregation.
  • Each week, worshippers will be asked to let us know ahead of time what service they will be attending by using an online form available on the website and rezNews. This will replace the attendance folder and allow for quick follow-up contact should someone at the service subsequently be found to have COVID-19. (Note: Everyone will still be welcome even if they do not sign up. The service will be shown in the Fellowship Hall for overflow in the event that attendance exceeds the allowed capacity in the sanctuary.)

As noted previously, all of these responses are subject to change depending on the situation and as more information on best practices becomes available. However, Resurrection Church promises to do its best to do no harm, do good and stay in love with God. May the One who doesn’t change – the eternal God of all creation – bless us and keep us.